Four simple Christmas Joys

Four simple Christmas joys to enjoy with family and friends. Take a stroll, have your photo taken by the Christmas tree, enjoy an affordable dinner, and simply go for a drive.

From Luneta my friends and I went to shop at Robinsons Place Manila. I was never really a fan of any of the various Robinsons malls mainly because of the general look they similarly have. And so I was delightfully surprised with this particular Robinsons.

Simple Christmas joy #1: Strolling in Robinsons Place Manila

The mall’s general layout and interiors are elegant and just right. It’s pleasing to the eye without calling too much attention to itself. The mall overall has a touch of class. Going from one place to another was easy enough. You enjoy walking along its wide well-lit halls without getting lost. You feel a good reassuring crowd around you without having to bump into other people. There were one or two escalators however which were not working and the elevators were quite slow since they were stopping at every floor. Luckily, we were going down and not up. The driveway and the parking area are okay.

Simple Christmas joys_Robinsons Place Manila Christmas tree (3)_853x640

The Simple joy of strolling within the wide, well-spaced elegant interiors

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Christmas Destination: Luneta or The Rizal Park

Luneta or The Rizal Park is a Christmas destination for families, friends, and local and foreign tourists.

My friends and I share memories of going to Luneta on Sundays with our families. There was so much space to run and play in. There were so many things to go and events to watch. I remember especially the refreshing water fountain display, watching free concerts, eating delicious food at different affordable restaurants (like the one on stilts in the water), spending the lazy afternoon walking and playing with my siblings and cousins, and waiting for the sunset when everything slowly turned a soft, warm orange. We would stay until early evening and Luneta with its lights on was enchanting.

100 years of the unveiling of the Rizal Monument

I was gladly surprised when a friend of mine told me a few months ago that the Rizal Monument, as well as the whole park, was undergoing improvements. This was in view of the 100th year of the unveiling of the shrine which took place on December 30, 1913.

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How to send help to Yolanda victims in the Philippines

Help the victims of the super typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines by sending donations in kind, in cash, or in services.

Above all, pray for the victims and their families, that they may be able to receive the help they need and that they may be able to start recovering from this tragedy – physically, materially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Help by donating cash and/or relief goods or by volunteering your services and other resources.

Help by donating cash and/or relief goods or by volunteering your services and other resources.

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2013 US Open: 25 Years of Steffi Graf’s Grand Slam (3 of 3)

The 2013 US Open marks the 25th anniversary of her legendary Grand Slam.

At 19, the first and only tennis player to achieve a calendar-year Golden Slam (winning the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open, and the Olympic gold medal in a single year).

It could be said that 1978 might be the best designation for the start of the modern era in tennis, because having at least three fundamentally different Grand Slam surfaces most closely resembles today’s game.

These nuances, when applied to the calendar Grand Slam winners, create some interesting revelations. Using the surface change at the US Open as the cutoff, there has only been one winner of the calendar Grand Slam in the modern era: Steffi Graf. Continue reading

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